Bordo Combo Lock


Bordo Combo Lock

Bordo Combo Lock

With the Bordo 6100, ABUS provides light-weight flexibility in a compact design. Made of 5mm steel bars, link construction that allows compact folding and extra soft coating to prevent damage to the bicycle's paintwork. The links as well as supporting elements of the locking system are made of special hardened steel and the bars are linked with special rivets. Each lock comes with an individually settable combination code to allow for a key-free experience and non-slip velcro straps or screws at the bottle holder device for flexible mounting. The Bordo combination lock is very well suited for the use by several people.

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In 1924, August Bremicker and his sons first started up their own business producing padlocks in the small village of Volmarstein, Germany. The Abus locks that we carry at tokyobike are all German made of the highest quality. From the machines used to test the strength of the locks, to each internal part, the locks are made start to finish by Abus. Our most secure lock option, the Bordo folding Lock, was revolutionized by Abus. The Bordo family of locks fold for length and compactness, and are composed of incredibly strong hardened steel. For years, Abus has also been leading in the bicycle helmet industry in Europe, from pro-tour riders to urban cyclists they have safety covered. In 2016, Abus launched their first line of US approved helmets, and we got right on board. We trust the safety of our bikes and our brains to the designers at Abus.

Security Level: 9/15
Weight: 1000g (2.2lbs)
Materials: Stainless steel, hardened steel, plastic
Circumference: 75cm (29.5”)
Includes: Bracket for mounting directly to water bottle bosses, and a sturdy velcro strap for mounting elsewhere on the frame if preferred.


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