Linen Pile Socks, Red

Linen Pile Socks

in Red

What makes the perfect sock? For Japanese sock makers Hummingbird, it is a just-right combination of comfort, performance, and beauty. Crafted with the idea that useful doesn’t have to be synonymous with plain, Hummingbird socks use a beautiful slub knit that enhances the natural softness of the linen. The Linen Pile Sock features inner sole padding made from a long-looped pile that absorbs moisture and odors while keeping your feet protected from blisters. Lightweight but sturdy, it’s a reliable essential you can wear year-round. Ours are on!

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Modern life is filled with items that are often necessary but uninspired, with the essential and the exciting rarely intersecting. In their quest to design products that improve our daily lives, Hummingbird set out to redesign the new standard for ordinary daily-use items: useful, efficient, and beautiful. Like a diligent hummingbird unaware of its fascinated admirers, they aim to make hardworking, everyday items with a subtle but important hint of beauty.

Materials: Linen 84%, Nylon/Polyurethane 16%
Dimensions: Medium (8” - 10”)/ Large (10” - 12”)
Care: Machine wash in cold water and air dry


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