Brush and Soap Kit
Brush and Soap Kit


Brush and Soap Kit

Brush and Soap Kit

The SyuRo additive free soap is handcrafted in Japan and contains no artificial color or fragrance. This lovely soap can be used for washing dishes, clothing, and of course, hands. During the manufacturing process it is placed under hot water repeatedly to obtain a sparkling white soap that contains only the purest soap ingredients, and a produces foamy, creamy lather. The accompanying brush is made of natural Nara wood, and pig hair bristles. The soap and brush are both rectangular for easy handling, and packaged neatly into the Nara wood box, this set makes a wonderful gift.

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SyuRo in Japanese means Palm Tree, having leaves that spread wide open just like welcoming hands. Hands that are gentle and generous, which is the driving concept behind SyuRo and their craftsmanship—the traditional Japanese monozukuri. Masuko Unayama launched SyuRo in 2006 and opened a shop at Torigoe, Taito-ku, in Tokyo - old Edo's Shitamachi. This old downtown is an area filled with classic typesetters, canning factories, cloth wholesalers, hardware stores, and many small family-run factories engaged in meticulous monozukuri. Artisans and their arts, cultivated over many years, remain alive there where traditional craft is practiced and passed down. All SyuRo products, from tea canisters to chopsticks, are produced on an extremely small scale, with these traditional methods.

Nara Wood Kitchen Brush: 80mm x 30mm x 30mm
SyuRo Additive Free Soap: 80mm x 30mm x 30mm
Nara Wood box: 105mm × 95mm × 45mm
Ingredients: Vegetable fat and oil, fatty acid, sodium, glycerin

Made in Yanaka, Tokyo Japan

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