Bottle Basket, Black

Bottle Basket

in Black

The Basil Bottle Basket boasts the perfect on again off relationship. The long hooks slip right over the side of a rear rack, and voilà, you have the perfect vessel for grocery shopping or carrying that too heavy backpack. A rubberized coating keeps the basket from rattling, and the vintage bottle motif offers a uniquely romantic appeal. Use it when you need it, leave it at home when you don’t.

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Hailing from The Netherlands, Basil has been making bicycle baskets for over 40 years with thoughtful, practical, and high-quality designs. Intended to help you enjoy your bicycling life even more they make a wide variety of baskets, even including pet carriers. If you want to carry it on your bicycle, Basil has thought of a way. At tokyobike we have selected two of our favorite pannier style baskets for easy on again off again use.

Dimensions: 35cm x 29cm x 34cm
Material: Steel
Maximum Payload: 5kg
Requires: Rear Rack