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Care Package II

Care Package II

An experience of well-being, magic, and beauty to upgrade your day, every day. It includes one tin of each: Night of Nights, Love Conquers All, Sweet Clarity, and Immune One.

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An experience rooted in plant science, centered around education and celebration. Their proprietary line of adaptogenic blends and community experiences offer a delicious solution to everyday stress. Founded by actor & designer Waris Ahluwalia, HOUSE of WARIS Botanicals is a further extension of Waris' ongoing commitment to creating a more thoughtful way of living. 

Love Conquers All
Pomegranate Flowers - Enhances Flavor
Hibiscus - Supports the heart
Damiana - Stimulates energy and blood throughout the body
Shatavari - Supports healthy libido and reproductive system
Rose - Soothes and opens the heart
Saffron - Elevates the mood and expels occasional tension
Cardamom - Provides a warming and sensual aroma
Vanilla - Creates a soothing, decadent atmosphere
Cinnamon - Supports circulation throughout the body
Orange Blossom - Uplifts mood and promotes joy

Sweet Clarity
Cardamom - Provides a warming and sensual aroma
Rhodiola - Stimulates the mind and supports productivity
Holy Basil - Enhances focus and supports against occasional stress
Ginger - Assists with circulation
Eleuthero - Promotes bodily balance during stressful times
Sweet Basil - Sweet aromatic flavor
Green Cardamom - Dispels stagnant or stuck energy
Orange Peel - Keeps energy moving

Night of Nights
Rose - Soothes and opens the heart
Jujube Seed - Encourages deep tranquility and rest
Linden - Soothes a frazzled and irritable spirit
Chamomile - Calms the mind and body
Lemon Verbena - Enhances taste and calms the mind
Passionflower - Supports an occasionally worried mind
Peppermint - Refreshes and clears the mind
Licorice - Provides natural sweetness
Orange Blossom - Uplifts mood and promotes joy
Lemon - Tangy source of vitamin C

Immunity One
Ginger - Assists with circulation
Elderberry - Classic, time honored immune support
Hyssop - Aromatic respiratory support
Yarrow - Fragrant and earthy immune support
Honeysuckle - Cooling and calming immune support
Lemon Balm - Vibrant and refreshing
Ginger-Oleoresin - Assists with circulation
Lemon - Tangy source of vitamin C
Amla - Rejuvenating Ayurvedic herb for overall support
Cordyceps - Restorative adaptogenic mushroom

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