Origami Poster - tokyobike

tokyobike x Fulcrum Coffee

Origami Poster

Limited Edition Origami Poster

A Limited Edition poster designed for our unique collaboration with Seattle based Fulcrum Coffee.

"The origami paper folding is a playful pass-time metaphor that brings together the unwritten ‘slow’ traveler mantra of tokyobike and the contemplative act of drinking coffee."  —Mark Beard, tokyobike x Fulcrum Coffee Graphic Designer

*Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery if you choose framed poster.

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Fulcrum Coffee is a Seattle-based, full-service coffee roaster. Our deeply personal relationships with coffee producers along with the stories we tell, the collaborations we create, and the services we provide, transform how customers experience and enjoy coffee.

Printed Poster
Dimensions: 22" x 22"
Giclee print on premium archival white paper

Framed Origami Poster
Dimensions: 21"  21"


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