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Recoiling Mudguard
Recoiling Mudguard


Recoiling Mudguard

Recoiling Mudguard

Plume is a recoiling mudguard for your bicycle. There when you want it, and gone when you don't. Perfect for our Sport and Single Speed, but also fits all other models. A great low profile way to keep your backside dry.

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Designed in the infamously rainy, London England, the Plume is a solution to the ugly plastic fenders of the past. Plume's designers Dan McMahon and Patrick Laing, launched Plume through the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter. A object much desired by cyclist around the UK, the Plume found success! Winner of the Design Museums 2014 Designs of the Year award, the Plume is sure to keep you safe from a soggy bottom, and riding in style, rain or shine.

Material: Stainless steel and thermoplastic
Length: 526 mm (recoiled 55mm)
Width: 78 mm