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Rubber Bungee, Blue

Rubber Bungee

in Blue

These adorable French bungees offer a fresh alternative to the black rubber ones most commonly found. Made from a thick, durable rubber casing the Rustines Rubber Bungee stretches from about 21" to 40". An added carabiner clip offers extra security over bumpy terrain. Made from premium natural rubber, the Rustines Bungee boasts 4x the life of a standard bungee cord.

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RUSTINES is first and foremost, a French company, intimately linked to the history of cycling. For more than 70 years they have produced their fine cycling products, and also sponsored major cycling tours throughout Europe. Since 1914, their rubber products have been designed and produced in their factory in Southern Sarthe France. RUSTINES are manufactured on original machines in house to the highest of standards. The precision and quality of their production remains to be just as premium as it was 70 years ago.

Dimensions: Stretches from about 55cm to 100cm
Material: Natural rubber, aluminum alloy, chromed steel


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