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Sweet Clarity

Functional Blend

in Sweet Clarity

Elevate your energy with invigorating Rhodiola, balancing eleuthero, naturally nootropic tulsi, and energy moving ginger root. Contains 12 individual sachets. Focus energy from within.

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An experience rooted in plant science, centered around education and celebration. Their proprietary line of adaptogenic blends and community experiences offer a delicious solution to everyday stress. Founded by actor & designer Waris Ahluwalia, HOUSE of WARIS Botanicals is a further extension of Waris' ongoing commitment to creating a more thoughtful way of living. 

Cardamom - Provides a warming and sensual aroma
Rhodiola - Stimulates the mind and supports productivity
Holy Basil - Enhances focus and supports against occasional stress
Ginger - Assists with circulation
Eleuthero - Promotes bodily balance during stressful times
Sweet Basil - Sweet aromatic flavor
Green Cardamom - Dispels stagnant or stuck energy
Orange Peel - Keeps energy moving

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