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Hinoki Candle


Hinoki Candle

Hinoki Candle

Traditional Japanese cypress sake cups, which are square, were originally used to measure rice, and are now used also for holding beans for Setsubun, traditional end of Winter. Japanese cypress, hinoki, features a subtle color, a beautiful wood grain, and a unique fragrance. Hinoki is also used in making traditional Japanese wooden bathtubs. The Syuro Candles and their container are made of hinoki wood and its scented wax. Unlike ceramic or metal containers, these delicate candles seem to provide warmth even without being lit. The Japanese character for rest 休 consists of the characters for human and woodindicating the sense of comfort and healing associated with wood. So please, go ahead and relax, and don’t be afraid of the wooden candle holder, it’s fireproof.

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SyuRo in Japanese means Palm Tree, having leaves that spread wide open just like welcoming hands. Hands that are gentle and generous, which is the driving concept behind SyuRo and their craftsmanship—the traditional Japanese monozukuri. Masuko Unayama launched SyuRo in 2006 and opened a shop at Torigoe, Taito-ku, in Tokyo - old Edo's Shitamachi. This old downtown is an area filled with classic typesetters, canning factories, cloth wholesalers, hardware stores, and many small family-run factories engaged in meticulous monozukuri. Artisans and their arts, cultivated over many years, remain alive there where traditional craft is practiced and passed down. All SyuRo products, from tea canisters to chopsticks, are produced on an extremely small scale, with these traditional methods.

Dimensions: 65mm × 65mm × 45mm
Material: Paraffin wax & Japanese cypress

Made in Shitamachi Yanaka, Tokyo Japan