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Travel Tumbler, Coyote

Travel Tumbler

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The Kinto Travel Tumbler is designed to keep delicious hot beverages hot, and cold beverages cold, all while looking beautiful and offering a lightweight, leakproof vessel. The double-walled stainless steel design has a vacuum between its inner and outer wall and a foil layer covering the inner wall to prevent heat transfer. The exterior surface is textured and powder coated to prevent damage or drops. The interior has a smooth electro-polished finish to prevent odors and stains.

No need for plastic water bottles or take away coffee cups anymore! This Travel Tumbler keeps content hot (65℃) or cold (8℃) for 6 hours and fits neatly into your tokyobike bottle cages.

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Just like us at tokyobike, KINTO’s ethos is founded on slowing down and seeing the beauty of nature in the change of seasons. With that concept in mind, KINTO aspires to create products that stand by you in your everyday life and will naturally blend with your living spaces, adding color to daily life. Their products are designed always prioritizing the balance between usability and aesthetics. Needless to say, we are definitely on the same page as KINTO.

Dimensions: 7cm x 17cm // 7.3cm x 19cm
Volume: 350ml / 12oz // 500ml / 17oz
Material: Powder coated stainless steel, polypropylene and silicone
Keep content hot (65℃/149 F) or cold (8℃ / 46 F) for 6 hours.

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