our story

tokyobike is a small, independent bicycle company founded in 2002 in the quiet Tokyo suburb of Yanaka, Japan. Based on the concept of Tokyo Slow our bicycles are designed to explore the places we love and call home. With a tokyobike, it is as much about the journey as the destination.

Our bicycles are designed to fit into a thoughtful, and design conscious urban lifestyle. Designed in Tokyo, they exude their Japanese roots with clean lines, and minimalistic style.

tokyobike frames are beautifully crafted of lightweight Cr-Mo steel, and made in Taiwan. Our wheel sizes are smaller to accommodate a tight fit in small living spaces, ease of transport onto public transportation, and most importantly, they are agile and accelerate more quickly in traffic.

A tokyobike is meant to be quick, comfortable, and beautiful enough to hang in your living room.

tokyobike was first brought to the US in 2014. Initially based in New York, tokyobike Americas is now headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles, where our team is currently enjoying the sunshine and riding bicycles all year round.


tokyobike Los Angeles
777 Alameda Street #120
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Store Hours

10am - 5pm | Monday - Wednesday

10am - 7pm | Thursday - Friday

11am - 6pm | Saturday - Sunday

Worldwide Dedicated Shops
berlin tokyobike.de
milan tokyobike.it
melbourne tokyobike.com.au
singapore tokyobike.sg
bangkok tokyobike.co.th
mexico city tokyobike.mx

our stockists

If interested in becoming an official stockist of tokyobike, please email us here.