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Welcome to our tokyobike Riders Club community — a group of us riding bikes, taking it Tokyo Slow and inspiring others to get on a tokyobike. #tokyobikeridersclub

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The tokyobike Riders Club is a group of individuals living a slow life, seeking change and deepening connection with people and places around them. They have a particular propensity for sharing their experiences to welcome others into the Club.

Club members appreciate the beauty of their tokyobike on the wall but understand that a bike is meant to be ridden, used, and dinged up like a badge of honor. It is out on the streets of our neighborhoods where our brand and product truly comes to life.

They also appreciate and live by our Tokyo Slow concept — the idea that more reward lies in the journey rather than the destination. By slowing down, we cultivate a space with the intent to feel more, see more, and experience more in our everyday lives. We are not racers, just regular people moving about, living, and working in our cities.


Our Riders Club community gets first access to product launches, special discounts and special rewards when you inspire others to ride a bike.

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tokyobike Riders Club

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