tokyobike x Fulcrum Cofeee

tokyobike x Fulcrum Cofeee

We have partnered with Seattle based Fulcrum Coffee to bring this unique bicycle to life. Inspired by British commuter bicycles, this custom tokyobike Classic Sport is fitted with fenders for those rainy days, a cup holder for your favorite Fulcrum coffee, a custom porteur rack for anything you may need to carry and the iconic Brooks Cambium collection for that final touch of sophistication.

"At Fulcrum Coffee, we’re drawn to beautiful objects — and the people driven by their passions to create them. We think tokyobike has all of these qualities and more. The bicycles are simple, minimal, thoughtfully designed. Its people are wonderfully attentive, inventive collaborators and curators of beautiful experiences. They’re unyielding in their commitment to shape, balance, delight, and design simplicity. We’re grateful for how they inspire us in our own search for sourcing and roasting our coffees."

—Lee Falck, Co-Founder Fulcrum Coffee

"Coffee is an integral part of human relationships. Not only is it a way to come together, but also a conduit to creative thought. Bicycling evokes a similar journey towards fresh and liberated thinking. Also, highlighting the beauty of grey, along with the practical reality fenders provide the Seattle’s grey and rainy days."

—Mark Beard, tokyobike x Fulcrum Coffee Graphic Designer

Beyond the Bicycle

Collaborating with Fulcrum Coffee has been more than inspiring, and one of those partnerships, where ideas simply never stop flowing. Inspired in our concept of Tokyo Slow, a unique origami poster was born, giving room for a full line up of original products.

"The origami paper folding is a playful pass-time metaphor that brings together the unwritten ‘slow’ traveler mantra of tokyobike and the contemplative act of drinking coffee."

—Mark Beard, tokyobike x Fulcrum Coffee Graphic Designer

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