Chicago Rides

Chicago Rides

Chicago is a lot more than hot dogs with celery salt, deep dish pizza, Jazz, Al Capone and wind. It has a national reputation as one of the best large cities in the US for bicycling with over 200 miles of bike lanes and a plan to extend that to 645-mile by 2020. It is also home to one of our favorite bike shops in the country.

And if these aren't enough reasons to get you out and about, we hope that by the end of this feature, you're on two wheels. Join us as we explore Wicker Park with our friend and talented photographer, trash, from trashhand.

Gather Lifestyle + Home
I love coming here for a particular candle called 'Black Currant' by 419 Candle. I use it every night to wind down from a hectic day. Another favorite detail about this place is that all the plants in the space are available for purchase, and of course, so are the tokyobikes!
*This location is now closed but we look forward to seeing what's next for Gather.

Known as a pescatarian food bar, the Buffalo Chicken Wrap here is the best in the city, and a must. I’ve been getting it for years! A very bike friendly spot—their logo is an actual bicycle, you can simply ride through the alley and park right next to the tables. In the summer, enjoy their back patio.
2311 W North Ave

Myopic Books
One of the oldest, and certainly more iconic bookstores in Chicago, this place is a staple for anyone in the area. It’s a 3 level store, so be prepared to be overwhelmed. And if you’re in need of inspiration, this is definitely the place to go.
1564 N Milwaukee Ave

BFF Bikes
This is where I first got my tokyobike. It was assembled right here so whenever I’m in the area, I bring it through and do a quick run through of the bike myself. The shop is incredibly friendly so they love all the small talk and hangs.
2113 W Armitage Ave

The Robey Hall
A photographer friend is in town exploring for the weekend and he’s staying at The Robey, a great reason to spend some time in Wicker Park. The Robey also stores tokyobikes of their own for their guests, pretty rad if you ask me. If you're visiting Chicago, this is definitely a great spot to stay and hang. Make your way up to their rooftop pool bar for a drink or two.
2018 W North Ave

Estelle's Cafe & Lounge
Across the street from The Robey, Estelle's has been a staple of mine since day one. This Art deco bar with late-night hours offers a menu of cocktails, craft beers and burgers.
2013 W North Ave

The best Costa Rican food in the city. They just renovated the space and it’s now looking better than ever. When you come, order the Oatmeal Shake…. You’re welcome!
1865 N Milwaukee Ave

606 Trail
The new run/bike path that goes through four neighborhoods— Bucktown, Wicker Park, Logan Square, and Humboldt Park. Used to be an abandoned train track constantly being used by runners. One day the city finally took notice and did something about it. Now it can be used by everybody. Probably the fastest and safest way through the neighborhoods.

The Wormhole Coffee
One of the more quirky coffee bars in town, this place has always had my full attention. The first thing you notice when you walk in is a DeLorean DMC-12 just sitting on top of the bathrooms in the back. There is a ton of gaming nostalgia everywhere, you can even play Super Nintendo in the back. Lastly, they have Oat milk, my favorite replacement to actual milk.
1462 N Milwaukee Ave

Mildblend Supply Co.
Best place to buy jeans in Chicago, their selection is huge. The owner is amazing and the entire staff is extremely knowledgable. Whatever your denim needs are, this place has got you covered.
1342 N Milwaukee Ave

Saint Alfred
They stock all my favorite brands, everything from Nike to NEIGHBORHOOD. Constantly having big releases, they do a great job of keeping the peace amongst all the streetwear chaos.
1531 N Milwaukee Ave

Craft Pizza
If you’re looking for a slice here in Wicker Park, Craft is the way to go. It’s between North and Division on Damen, it doesn’t get any easier to find. It’s not your typical Chicago slice, it’s thinner like a NYer, which is my favorite.
1252 N Damen Ave

About trashhand

Chicago based freelance photographer, "trash" specializes in architecture and urban environments. Always behind the lens, he strives to explore and showcase the world's most forgotten and remote locations through his own perspective.


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