In the moment, out of place — <br>A Classic Sport taken out of its element

In the moment, out of place —
A Classic Sport taken out of its element

A city bike, transplanted to a wild and vast landscape. It's entirely out of place but surprisingly fits into the landscape seamlessly. A familiar object in an unfamiliar place causes the mind to pause and investigate further. A wrench thrown into the routine, a moment that stops you in your tracks literally and figuratively. City dwellers leave the city to refresh, regroup, reframe, and gain perspective to see land and space the way it was before cities existed. We asked Lindsey to take her Classic Sport to a place where she finds this sort of respite and refrain.

"Since my move to California from Minnesota in 2017, the CA 395 has been a gateway to some of my most memorable trips, hikes, and adventures. It's a trek I've always taken with the company of friends. On this particular trip, I went solo, except for my new tokyobike. I turned the 4.5 hour trip from East LA to Mammoth Lakes into an all-day adventure, making stops in CA Red Rocks State Park, a truck pull off in the Mojave, the rocky Alabama Hills, a dusty road just beyond Bishop, a dip in hot spring, and a sunset looking out towards June mountain."

About Lindsey Kusterman

Lindsey Kusterman is a an artist, photographer, and retoucher with an eye for the elemental whimsy of life represented through color and light. From portraiture to ordinary objects, her images make you feel the longing that comes with extended summer days. Lindsey also just so happens to be tokyobike’s very own Showroom Manager and Content Manger. The photos for this piece were taken on Native Land belonging to the Northern Paiute.

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