Riding with We Are The Rhoads

Riding with We Are The Rhoads

Nothing will encourage (nay force) you to slow down quite like having ride mates who are 3 feet tall. With more playing, more romping, more exploring, you will get nowhere fast. That is precisely how all Sunday rides should be when the moments are precious and those little riders grow so quickly. In the spirit of Tokyo Slow, we asked Chris and Sarah Rhoads, photographers behind We Are The Rhoads, to take us along as they enjoyed time with their growing family.

About We Are The Rhoads

Chris & Sarah Rhoads are the husband and wife team behind We Are The Rhoads. Soon after meeting in college, Chris and Sarah saw how their unique set of talents and vision worked to complement one another in their creative endeavors. Working as photographers and directors for over a decade, the Rhoads use their visual medium to explore humanity, the world around them and the sense of wonder that ignites. The Rhoads have a great respect and passion for what goes into creating the narrative-driven, honest imagery they have come to be known for.


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